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Our students talk about their experiences at UNM
We asked our students abut their experiences in Applied Technologies program at UNM. Watching these interviews is a great way to get a deeper understanding about what interests people in our classes and how experience gained in our classrooms effects their plans for the future.


Fatima Pino
Fatima Pino
Nanotechnology Concentration

My summer internship began at The Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (CINT) located in Albuquerque. Through my internship I was able to get the hands-on experience of learning how to do lab prep for different experiments. I have learned about buffers solutions, what they are used for, and why they are important as well as other chemicals. One of the greatest learning experiences was to learn how to use an Atomic Force Micros-copy (AFM), and image many of our experiments at the molecular level. I’m still learning how to analyze data from our images on the AFM. I have learned many new terminologies from reading articles on people’s different experiments. I use the articles to find out what has been done, what work, what didn’t work to see how I can work out an experiment of my own. In October I was also able to present my poster at the 2011 SACNAS (Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science) National Conference in San Jose, California. The conference was a great experience because it was a nonstop of presentation that I was able to attend and learn from. They also had inspirational speakers that talked about their journey. The conference was a great learning experience and I was able to meet more people and learn about graduate schools and what ways I can prepare myself for the future. I would recommend student if given the opportunity to attend the SACNAS conference, because it is truly a wonderful experience.
Fatima is currently a student intern at Los Alamos national Laboratory, working in nanotechnology. She presented a poster at the 2011 LANL Student Symposium and at the 2011 SACNAS National Conference, highlighting the results of her intern work. Fatima plans to continue her studies toward earning a bachelor’s degree in engineering.


Paul Sundt
Paul Sundt
Solar Technology Concentration

When my former employer went out of business, I was eligible for the TAA program which allowed me to pursue additional education in order to prepare for a different career. I chose to attend UNMLA because Solar Technology was my choice for a direction change in careers, and UNMLA offered the most complete and comprehensive program in that field.




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